Astronaut (or Frantic Action)

35-40 minutes, dark comedy

It's February, 2007 and NASA astronaut, Lisa Nowak, is driving in adult diapers from Houston to Orlando to kidnap and potentially murder her ex-boyfriend's new lover. Over the course of her drive, she revisits the relationships that brought her to this infamous moment and made her a media sensation.

Astronaut (or Frantic Action) most recently had a production at the PIT Loft (dir. Sarah Rosenthal). It received a workshop as part of the 2018 Pittsburgh New Works Festival’s LabWorks Program where it was a finalist for Best LabWorks Production (dir. Shelby Brewster). It has also been produced as a staged reading by the Lounge @ Dixon Place and as part of Undiscovered Countries' Infinite! Festival (dir. Sarah Rosenthal).

Ladies Room poster.png

The Ladies’ Room

Co-written with Keira McGill.

35-40 minutes, comedy

As Carol Burnett celebrates her lifetime of achievements with the Mark Twain Prize, her feminist ancestors appear to remind her of how much work is left to be done in the 21st century. Jackie Kennedy, Sojourner Truth, and Frida Kahlo – just to name a few – bring down the hammer of wokeness on the oft silent comedian, and explore how even the most seasoned trailblazers can misstep when it comes to intersectionality.

The Ladies’ Room has been produced by Project: Human Better at the PIT Loft (dirs. Andie Lerner & Melissa Tonning-Kollwitz).

A Play About Nothing Poster.jpg

A Play About Nothing

20 minutes, comedy

Four 20-something New Yorkers battle their own neuroses while filling out abortion paperwork in the waiting room of a Planned Parenthood.

A Play About Nothing was produced by Marymount Manhattan College's Department of Theatre Arts as a part of the Advanced Playwriting Projects (dir. Daphnie Sicre).